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New Sound System - Fundraising Campaign

If you are a regular worshipper at the Cathedral, we hope that you have noticed an improvement in the sound system over recent months. Since December we have been using new microphones. And the loop system, for those with hearing aids, has also been completely renewed.

At the beginning of April, we are planning to replace the existing speakers throughout the Cathedral. The present speakers date from the 1970s, and we are confident that the new speakers will also deliver a huge improvement in the sound, and last for another generation. New speakers are not cheap, however, and we are hoping that you will consider supporting this major upgrade. We have received generous donations totalling nearly £25,000, but the total cost of the new system is £90,000.

Please would you consider sponsoring a speaker, or part of a speaker? Our fundraising campaign is running from now until Easter, and we would love to get as support from you as possible! Have a look here:

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