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Friends of the Cathedral

Most cathedrals have associated with them an organisation commonly known as “The Society of the Friends of the Cathedral” and some of these have been in existence for many years. Our own “Society of Friends” is comparatively recent in origin, having been founded in 1959.


Its aims are threefold:

  • To bring into a common fellowship of loyalty and devotion all who have a concern for this lovely Cathedral and its life, music and worship.

  • To assist the Cathedral authorities in suitably maintaining its fabric and services.

  • To provide regular intercession for its work and witness.

Funds raised by the Friends are devoted to beautifying the building, improving the amenities or enriching the furnishings. But the Friends are concerned more widely than with the fabric of the Cathedral, and they also promote a proper understanding of the functions of the Cathedral, and an appreciation of its choral tradition. Last but not least, the Friends form a fellowship of prayer in support of the Cathedral’s ministry and witness.

The Friends Annual Report 2022-23 is available below.

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