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A + E

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A + E is a key partner organisations in our work to create a Cathedral which is fully engaged with the climate crisis.

A+E braids the terms accident and emergency, art and ecology, art and education.  Curated by Jonathan Baxter A+E asks: how might the Cathedral become an ecological commons for the city and how might that shape a social and ecological art practice?  To that end, we are working collaboratively with a wide range of partners including artists, peer-educators, environmentalists, and the Cathedral’s eco-congregation group.

Current projects from A + E include:

  • Plants are our Teachers

A + E welcomes collaboration in all its forms.  To find out more, or to get involve or contact Jonathan Baxter here.

Events with A&E

  • Plants are our Teachers workshops
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, 08 Jul
    St Mary's Cathedral
    08 Jul, 09:30 – 09 Jul, 16:30
    St Mary's Cathedral, Palmerston Pl, Edinburgh EH12 5AW, UK
    2023 sees the exciting launch of the year long Plants are our Teachers programme. Different approaches to drawing, painting and printmaking will open up new ways of seeing, to build a conversation and kinship with the natural world
  • Plants are our Teachers – Summer School
    Fri, 28 Jul
    St Mary's Cathedral
    28 Jul, 09:30 – 30 Jul, 16:30
    St Mary's Cathedral, Palmerston Pl, Edinburgh EH12 5AW, UK
    What can we learn from a delicate poppy or seedhead about the art of line drawing? What can a tree teach us about simplifying complex shapes and mapping connections? What can the foliage and flowers of a dandelion teach us about working with the drama of light and shade?
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