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Learning to Ring

Bell ringing is a team activity.  It is a service to the Church and a fascinating and rewarding hobby.  It is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The St Mary's Cathedral Society of Change Ringers provide tuition to those wishing to learn this ancient art of bell ringing.  No special skill or strength is required: just a normal sense of rhythm and physical co-ordination will do.  However, St. Mary’s bells are heavier than those at many other churches, and we do not normally teach anyone younger than mid-teens.  There is no upper age limit: if you can make it up the 120 steps to our ringing chamber, you are fit enough to ring!

Bell ringing is a team activity. Each bell is given a number, from 1–12, and is rung by a single ringer. A ‘change’ is a sequence of these numbers where each bell rings once. The order or sequence is changed and each bell rings again.

Tuition is provided free of charge in exchange for a commitment to join the band when you have acquired the requisite level of proficiency for Service Ringing.  We practice on Thursdays from 7:30pm-9:00pm.  Tuition sessions usually precede this, starting at 6:45pm, and also may be possible at other times by arrangement.

If you are interested in learning to ring and would like to see what we do, we would be happy to show you around the tower and bells on any Thursday evening.  Please contact us at to make arrangements.

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