Prayer at St Mary’s Cathedral

Prayer is at the heart of St Mary’s Cathedral, with its doors open every day to welcome people into that life of prayer.

Prayer is offered by our congregation, our visitors, our choir and our clergy in many different ways: in services of worship, in the lighting of a candle, in the stillness and beauty of our Cathedral.

Prayer is the daily rhythm of Morning and Evening Prayer said or sung every day.

Prayer is offered in carefully crafted words and in the unexpressed or inarticulate longing for things to be different.


Prayer is placing ourselves before God, and beginning to be honest about what we long for and what we need. And it is seeing what the love and forgiveness at the heart of God might offer in that prayer.

Prayer deepens us through our encounter with scripture and beauty and silence.


Our Prayer Tree (pictured above, as it is lit up by the Paolozzi window) stands in our Resurrection Chapel. It invites all who come into the Cathedral to offer their own prayer. Every prayer leaf that is placed on the tree will be prayed by our Praying Together group, which meets fortnightly.*

If you have a prayer that you would like offered within the prayer life of the Cathedral, then as well as using our Prayer Tree, you can email with your request. All prayers received will be included within the cycle of our daily prayer, and will also be prayed by our Praying Together group.

*If you would like to join us in Praying Together, please email to register your interest in receiving details of meetings.