What’s On

Walpole Hall Groups

We currently have a variety of long term lets in the Walpole Hall which include:

Al-Anon Meeting

Al Anon Family Groups

First Tuesday of the month 1-2pm

Website: About us | Al-Anon UK

NHS Mental Health and Wellbeing Information Station

  Thursday 10.30am-3pm Walk in visits
Website: Mental Health Information Station (nhslothian.scot)

Cyrenians Recovery Lunch

See the source image
Website: Homeless Charity in Scotland | Cyrenians

Street Assist

Friday and Saturday evenings (operating from Walpole Hall and across the city)

Website: Street Assist Edinburgh | Welfare | First Aid | Every Friday & Saturday


Monday 7-9pm
Thursday 7-9pm

Tokyo Adachi Roshukai UK Iaido are a nonprofit making martial arts club established to help promote and practice the art of Iaido throughout the UK.

Alongside our regular training hours there are additional sessions being set up for special training, and regular beginners courses run: please check our Facebook page for details.

Iaido, pronounced ee-eye-doe and often abbreviated to Iai, is a traditional Japanese martial art that is often translated as ‘the art of drawing the sword’, or ‘the way of mental presence and immediate reaction’. At its most basic interpretation, Iaido emphasises being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack from multiple opponents; however, like most traditional Japanese art forms there are multiple layers of detail and study involved that go beyond the obvious forms being practiced.

Iaido is practiced through controlled precise movements and forms which are taught as individual techniques called kata. Although Iaido is generally practised as non-contact consisting of solo kata against imaginary opponents, there are also forms that require pair-work with bokuto (wooden swords), and there are more advanced forms that involve grappling techniques.

Iaido, although extremely challenging, is suitable for all types and ages.Please see our lineage page on our website for more information on the iai we study. All our dojo are registered and insured with the British Kendo Association (BKA), which is the official governing body for Iaido in the UK.

Website: About – Tokyo Adachi Roshukai UK

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/RoshukaiEdinburgh


Wednesday 7-9pm
Sunday 1.30-5pm

Edinburgh Jitsu has been teaching traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu in the city for over 25 years. Started in 1996 by Shihan Paul Golz, the club provides training in practical self-defence techniques suitable for all sizes and strengths. Our motto ‘fun friendly self-defence for everyone’ means just that – learning to defend against attacks can be frightening, but that doesn’t mean training has to be.  We run sessions on Wednesdays 7-9pm and Sunday 3-5pm for adults, and Sundays 1:30-3pm for young people aged 10+, all based at Walpole Hall.

Website: www.edinburghjitsu.com