The Cathedral Garden

Our own gardens were not locked down, thank goodness, and neither was the Cathedral Garden.  Neil and I were able to finish off the orchard which was started last November.  We got a further donation from Jim Laws, a lifelong friend of the late Libby Scott, whose daughter Juliette’s generosity enabled us to purchase the original apple trees.  Jim’s wish was to add to the orchard so we ordered two crab apple trees, a ‘Toringo Scarlet’ whose red foliage is particularly attractive to butterflies apparently and the other tree is  ‘Red Jade’, a very pretty weeping variety. Both trees keep their fruit on the branches right through the winter thus helping out  any passing hungry birds.   Neil and I planted them in early June so there are now seven trees in the orchard.  Jim’s gift extended to a third tree,  a winter flowering cherry which we planted in the border opposite the orchard near the wall.  We are very grateful to Jim Laws whose donation will provide lasting pleasure for all those who enjoy walking in the Cathedral grounds.  Neil planted some of his self-cultivated dahlias and I brought some bearded irises so there will be extra colour added to the Garden which will help cheer us all up.

The memorial cairn has been moved from beside the Cross to a spot at the base of the Cathedral wall half way along.  Jo Hargreaves has planted two containers on either side of the cairn.  They too will provide some lovely colour throughout the summer.

Finally we received a donation from a member of the congregation who wishes to remain anonymous in memory of a beloved aunt.  We removed a very scraggy lavender and replaced it with a salvia with the somewhat questionable name ‘Pink Lips Jeremy’.  ‘Jeremy’ has not put in an appearance but the pinkness is already beginning to show.  Alongside we planted a  phygelius ‘Funfare  Cream’ which I hope will do as well as the pink phygelius already well established.  Further fun in the garden with the lobelia ‘Sparkling Ruby’ which is near the other lobelia in the Chapterhouse bed.  All this fun, sparkle and pretty pinkness should bring a smile to all.  I hope all of you will soon be back to enjoy the Cathedral Garden.