The Cathedral Workshop

St Mary’s Cathedral Workshop

We are proud to be training the next generation of master stonemasons.

Our Workshop was founded in 1987 to restore the external fabric of St Mary’s Cathedral and to provide employment for the young people of Edinburgh and The Lothians. The restoration is virtually complete and we are moving in a new direction to ensure that the traditional skills of hand stone dressing are kept alive in our modern times.

Our apprentices are employed by us for four years and are enrolled at Edinburgh College for three to study for the Scottish Vocational Qualification in  Stonemasonry. They qualify as master masons, many winning awards along the way. Over the years we have turned out more than 50 master masons, which in a workforce in Scotland estimated at around 400 in not insignificant. Our Training Manager trains our apprentices with  great skill so that not only is restoration work on The Cathedral carried out to the highest standard but the quality of traditional training has consistently provided a steady stream of masons qualified in the now rare hand skills of stonework restoration.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Edinburgh undoubtedly requires a highly skilled workforce of stonemasons to maintain it for the future.

Training is led by Jordan Kirk, our Training Manager, who trained here at St Mary’s and has been here for over twenty years. He is assisted by Max Scott who also qualified through St Mary’. Our training has a well rounded approach. We teach traditional hand stone dressing to high level and also address communication and social issues.

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