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Why do people come here? Some come to the Cathedral for the music, some for a moment of quiet in a busy week, and some for the beauty of the building itself. But the main focus of Cathedral life is the worship of God through prayer, praise and fellowship. Services of prayer (including communion services) are offered every day in the Cathedral, but the life of the Cathedral comes to a particularly sharp focus at our Cathedral Eucharist at 10.30am every Sunday morning. The term “Eucharist” derives from the Greek word for “thanksgiving”. This service – also known as ‘Mass’, ‘Holy Communion’, or ‘Lord’s Supper’ – has been at the heart of Christian life ever since Jesus’ command to his disciples at the Last Supper to ‘Do this in remembrance of me’.

People of all faiths and none are very welcome to visit the Cathedral at any time, to join us for a service, to light a candle, or simply to enjoy the building and its atmosphere.


0800 Holy Communion (1929 Scottish Liturgy)
1030 Cathedral Eucharist (1982 Scottish Liturgy)
1530 Choral Evensong

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

0730 Morning Prayer and Eucharist
1305 Eucharist (Not during August)
1730 Choral Evensong


0730 Morning Prayer and Eucharist
1130 Holy Communion (1929 Scottish Liturgy)
1305 Eucharist (Not during August)
1730 Choral Eucharist


0730 Morning Prayer and Eucharist
red carpet

We are very happy to baptise children and newcomers into the Christian faith. Baptisms usually take place in our Cathedral Eucharist on Sunday at 1030. Please contact the Cathedral Clergy via the Office.

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Sermon B.Brian

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