October Update

Thursday 22nd September, 2016

The Provost writes:

ADVENT in the Church’s thinking has always been a time for new beginnings.  The endless procession of Sundays after Pentecost gives way at Advent to the sound of the voice of the Baptist in the wilderness, the Voice that points to the Word.  The Church stops, changes gear, listens to the voice of him who points to the Word made Flesh – the new beginning.

Because of this it seemed right to Jane and me that Advent should mark a new beginning in our lives as well as in the life of the Cathedral.  The formal end of our 26 years at the Cathedral will be on Advent Sunday (Sunday 27 November) at 10.30am when I will preside at the Altar.  The evening before (Saturday 26 November) there will be a party in the Cathedral (6.30pm – 8.30pm).  We very much hope you will be able to come along (ideally) to both of these celebrations.  We are also very much aware of the immense generosity shown to us last year on the occasion of our 25th anniversary of coming to the Cathedral: the presents given to us then are treasured and serve as most fitting reminders of our time and ministry here.  We trust the Party will be an informal celebration in a building we all love so much with some music and some wine and lots of chat.