November Update

Thursday 22nd October, 2015

The Provost reports:

Congratulations to Sarah Grotrian, Appeal Secretary of the Cathedral Workshop.  The Radcliffe Trust wished to mark its tercentenary in a special way.  “The Balfour of Burleigh Tercentenary Prizes for Exceptional Achievements in Crafts” decided to create a small number of prizes for individuals whom they felt stood out in particular as having led and inspired generations of practitioners.  Sarah has won one of these prizes, and I can think of no one who has done more to put “old skills in young hands” – the motto of St Mary’s Cathedral Workshop.  It is simply wonderful that her contribution has been recognised in this way, and all who have been involved in the Workshop over its almost 3 decades can bask in her reflective glory.

A Thanksgiving Service for the life of Nancy Stuart was held in the Cathedral on 11th October. See the November Magazine for more details.

Later this month Jane and I head back to the University of Aberdeen who have awarded me an Honorary LLD: this was totally unexpected from the University where both of us spent 4 very happy undergraduate years.