March Update

Friday 21st February, 2014

MARCH sees the completion of our new medical centre and the renovation of the Walpole Hall and its new annex complete with disabled access and WC.  To celebrate this we are going to have a “bring and share” Cathedral lunch on Palm Sunday (Sun 13 April) in the new Walpole Hall: at this point simply mark the date in your diary and full details will appear in next month’s magazine and in the Cathedral’s Holy Week and Easter card.  The medical centre and related works have been completed ahead of time and under budget – both of which are remarkable achievements.  The Cathedral Workshop’s new workshop is now fully functioning, and our apprentices and master masons are loving their new surroundings: they have their own showers, canteen, and office as well as a state of the art dust extraction system.  Landscaping work will continue on the north west side of the Cathedral for a few more months, but everyone can see what a huge improvement has taken place.  Deo gratias!

MARCH also sees the launch of our 2014 Stewardship Campaign.  With this month’s Magazine you should have also received the 2014 campaign literature: if this has not reached you, please contact the Cathedral office (225 6293 or and it will be sent to you.  There is no need for me to reiterate here what I have written: all your clergy ask is for you to think about what the Cathedral means to you and respond as generously as you can.

MARCH also sees the start of Lent with Ash Wednesday (5th March).  Popular piety tends to suggest that we give something up for Lent – with chocolate and wine amongst strong candidates.  Alternatively or additionally you might think about taking something up for Lent.  One of the Lent groups might fit the bill; or you could ask one of the clergy to suggest a book you might read; or you could make a special effort to come along to a mid-week service; or ……

The Lenten blessing puts it this way:

CHRIST bestow upon us the spirit of holy discipline that we might deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him; and the blessing …..