Monday 17th June, 2013

* Work continues most satisfactorily on the north side of the Cathedral.  On the north east side (Manor Place) of the Walpole Hall the foundations for the new medical centre and Cathedral Workshop have been laid.  On the north west side (Palmerston Place) the new paths are nearing completion, most of the ground has been levelled, beautiful stone slabs now set off the Walpole Hall (the same will happen to Old Coates House) and some sowing is expected in the very near future.  Interestingly what looked like the remains of a wall was found to the east of Old Coates House.  All worked stopped, the City Archaeologist was alerted, and the wall carefully excavated. Photographs were taken, and then work was allowed to continue.

* Tribute must be paid to James Mckay.  A condition  of the granting of planning permission for the medical centre and new stonemasons’ workshop required that the entire north side of the Cathedral be seen as a single entity (and not simply the NE corner where the medical centre is being built).  This in turn meant that the area to the west of the Walpole Hall (the old playground) had to be landscaped with paths allowing disabled access as well.  NHS Lothian made a contribution to this work, but Jim by his own fund raising efforts has more than doubled the amount we can spend on this work.

* In partnership with the National Trust for Scotland this month sees the arrival of  The Bannockburn Heraldic Banners which will hang in the Cathedral Nave throughout June, July and August.  It will be wonderful to have the Cathedral for a short time as home to part of our history and for this to be done with the National Trust.