December and January Update

Friday 9th December, 2011

In ADVENT the Church changes gear, as once again we hear the Baptist’s cry of “repent” and the message of the angel to Mary and we look to the birth of the Christ Child.  The journey to Bethlehem is a journey of discovery as we make room for him for whom there was indeed no room, either in the inn or in our world.  Proclaimed by angels as the prince of peace; found by shepherds who left their flocks by night; worshipped by star-led magi from the east with gifts for the new born king; the Christ Child seeks our response on that holy night when we see God in human form.


* Work on the new glass porch inside the west door will begin in January.

* As reported at our AGM our Accounts to 30 June 2011 show yet again increased giving, which is clearly excellent, and ever increasing costs as inflation continues to bite.  The Finance Committee will continue to monitor this closely.

* Bill Walker, a bell ringer, a former member of the Property Committee, a most faithful member of the Cathedral, has died and was honoured with a quarter peal on the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday.  In his long life Bill’s activities included setting up telecommunication links and observation towers near the Himalayas to spot for Japanese bombers in World War 2 and representing Scotland at archery. Bill was a good friend to all who were privileged to know him; he was a good friend to me.

Bethlehem and 2012 beckon.  Exactly as in that stable so the Cathedral’s doors will remain open, so that all, including shepherds and wise men and women, may come and kneel at his crib.