April Update

Wednesday 28th March, 2012

We journey towards the events of Holy Week and Easter. Before the raw wooden cross can be removed and the bare high altar be adorned once more with white frontal and gold cross we must sing our hosannas and carry our palm crosses on Palm Sunday; we must gather in Maundy Thursday’s upper room and break the bread and wash the feet and watch and wait for one hour in the Garden; we must kneel at the foot of Good Friday’s cross and hear how cries of “Hosanna in the highest” have become shouts of “Crucify him!” Only then can we gather once more to celebrate the Crucified God’s triumph over the powers of death and darkness.


* CONGRATULATIONS to Nicki McNelly on her appointment as Provost of St John’s Cathedral, Oban. Nicki’s 3 year curacy at St Mary’s comes to an end this summer, and I am not at all surprised that the Diocese of Argyll was keen to get her to head west. The Cathedral in Oban will find what we have found: a faithful pastor and priest and servant. Nicki will leave the Cathedral at the end of August, and all of us wish all the McNellys every happiness and blessing as they prepare for this move.

* The new glass inner west doors and lobby, described as “about to be completed” in last month’s Magazine, alas remain “about to be completed!”

* I gladly pay tribute to the late JOAN VILLIERS who most generously remembered the work of the Cathedral in her will and to the late
JOE BARBER, who with my predecessor had worked tirelessly in support of music in the Cathedral, for remembering the Cathedral’s music in his will.